Pepsi05 2Nov03.jpg (54546 bytes)   Pepsi's going to have kittens!!! Pepsi čeká koťata!!!  Pepsi07 2Nov03.jpg (56012 bytes)

Pepsi06 2Nov03.jpg (76962 bytes)    Pepsi02 2Nov03.jpg (66336 bytes)    Pepsi03 2Nov03.jpg (95854 bytes)    Pepsi04 2Nov03.jpg (71500 bytes)    Pepsi01 2Nov03.jpg (71217 bytes)

Well, here they are - 5 of them!!! Born between 7th & 8th Nov 2003

kitten3 8Nov2003.jpg (110332 bytes)    kitten4 8Nov2003.jpg (115264 bytes)    kitten5 8Nov2003.jpg (102067 bytes)

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